Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, just start by booking a Discovery Call. To do that you’ll only need to complete a few things: I ask you for your website url and what it is that you need help with, be as brief or expansive as you like. When we have our call, I’ll have done a preliminary scan of your channels and I’ll be able to tell you what’s awesome and what needs more work to be sure your customer journey is smooth and pointing in the right direction. We can discuss the best approach for you.

I love conducting ideation sessions with business owners and their team, no matter how small. It’s a great way to capture all the positives (things we can do more of) and the obstacles inhibiting your business’s growth. These sessions can be short in duration or full day workshops. I can run them in-person or remotely.

It varies with each company, with some I connect with agencies or review materials, such as business or marketing plans and for others it’s a quick chat and I’m off and running. I then construct a detailed response document and action plan. We review this together so it’s addressing your requirements and I set to work. Some companies like a DIY Plan they can manage themselves, others sign up for the Done For You Package, which means I virtually become one of your team, scaled to perfectly suit your needs.

With this package, I do the analysis and present you with a detailed response document and action plan, along with a 12-month social media calendar, which features a range of content and activity recommendations, and a hashtag library. This could take between 20-50 hours (incrementally over a month), depending on the scale of your business and the requirements. Once you get this plan, you’re off and running, Doing it Yourself.

With this package, I do the analysis and present you with a detailed response document and action plan, along with a 12-month social media calendar, with a range of content and activity recommendations and a hashtag library. This could take between 20-50 hours (incrementally over a month), depending on the scale of your business, the scope of requirements and how readily material is available to me.

With this pack and your approval, I can start getting this Done for You. We set the number of hours per month you’d like, it could be two, it could be 10, and I’ll follow the plan and create content, make, edit and upload videos, build or fix web sites, prep materials for conferences, design and manage eDM campaigns, design nurture sequences. Whatever it is you need in terms of marketing communications, I can do it for you or I work with other service providers to facilitate and contribute as required.

Absolutely yes. Together we can review which channels you have (I’ll analyse them all and make sure they’re all aligned in branding – logos and messaging) and which ones I need to get up and running for you. I’m surprised how many B2B businesses are not capitalising on all the features offered by LinkedIn. It’s another fundamental channel you need to serve your business. I can build your connections and, after setting up your business page, work on growing your followers, capitalising on all the great features, often underutilised, on LinkedIn. Posts and hash tagging is incredibly important on this channel, and they need to be well researched and aligned with what you’re doing on the other consumer-facing socials. I’ll make sure these comms are coordinated and massaging your customers along the right journey to conversion. Likewise with YouTube, it’s the second most powerful search engine, so you need to have it working for you.

Again, that’s a BIG yes! I’m most familiar with Active Campaign and that’s my preferred platform to manage email campaigns, automations and nurture sequences, and as an affiliate I get specialist support and insights. I’ll run you through a familiarisation to be sure Active Campaign will meet your needs, and then I’ll manage it all for you.  Having said that, I’ll work with any platform my customers already use, perhaps with slightly lesser support and fluency. I have worked with Salesforce Pardot, Zoho, Vision6, Campaign Monitor and MailerLIte. For each campaign, we discuss the brief and the targets, then next thing you’ll see is a draft email in your inbox. 

Here’s my Active Campaign affiliate link to sign up.

Bullseye is like a mini agency for your bespoke services. My clients have asked me to create branding elements (I use the full Adobe Creative Suite, so I can manipulate logos and photos, I’ve produced print materials brochures, POS and conference banners and advertising). I’ve finessed or designed the architecture of web sites (I recommend WordPress), eDM campaigns and all kinds of social media posts, copywriting, audio tracks and podcasts (recording and editing) and video files (shooting and editing).

After the Discovery Call, we meet, brief, and set a path. For example, I like to start with foundational elements, we need to be sure that’s all in place before you move into bigger strategic marketing activities. Have you claimed and populated your Google Knowledge Panel? It’s the basic building block of your online presence and has valuable features that a lot of companies are not using, let’s make sure you’re not one of them.

After the initial Assembly phase, where I immerse myself in your business (which can take between 20-50 hours, incrementally over a month, as I compile materials and gain access to or launch channels*), you will receive the Pack which you accept to DIY, or I start getting this Done for You.

* Often, things take time to assemble, due to difficulties locating materials or log-ins or this needs to wait to you attend to the priorities of your daily business. You won’t pay for wait times, only for the time I’m actively working on your project.  This is the critical difference between having a full-time staff member and a supplier like Bullseye.

Let’s Discuss Your Challenges

On this short call we can review what’s working and what needs attention.
And we’ll find out if we’re a good fit to work together.